We are pleased to introduce an exciting addition to our already impressive portfolio of product and service offering to include Business Class Broadband.

Cloud Computer Services offer a comprehensive range of broadband solutions for businesses and consumers throughout the East Anglia Region and as a partner with multi award winning Zen Internet, we can monitor your connection performance and consider how this is influencing your IT systems overall performance.

This integrated approach means we have optimum control on overall system functionality and reliability. We fully manage the relationship with Zen on your behalf leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Broadband Supply Options: Contact us on 01502 588400 or

Symmetris Broadband

Via our Partner Fine Line Communications

We also offer another broadband option for customers based in our local area. Symmetris Broadband offers a fully wireless solution.  Using state of the art  Fibre Optic technology to deliver speeds not possible over copper ADSL through the UK. This is then ‘beamed’ to our customers using transceivers capable of up to 300Mbps speeds. We offer a wide variety of data usage allowances and speeds with this service.

Symmetris Business Hot Standby:
Designed purely as a backup to an existing ADSL or Fibre Connection. 5GB data usage allowance

Symmetris Business Standard:
50GB data usage allowance. 10Mbps Up and Down.

Symmetris Business+:
Unlimited data. 25Mbps Up and Down

Green areas indicate live areas.
Orange areas indicate an area about to go live.
Red areas indicate an area that may be live in the future

Broadband Supply Options: Contact us on 01502 588400 or

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